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Metal processing

Metal processing

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Maximum effectiveness, increased reliability, reduced maintenance costs and a safe working environment with highly motivated employees – that’s what you get with Vanoo  training.

We train your staff on-site or at one of our training centers – whatever works best for you.
We can offer you standard training packages in either one of our training centers or at your site, with either a fixed calendar or a date to suit you.
Off-the-shelf training is quick and easy to get and effectively teaches all the content that is included in the outline.
With standard courses, your team will learn what is absolutely vital to your technology; this  will save you time and money and give your team the most productive and applicable learning experience possible.
We can also offer customized training tailored to your individual needs.
Vanoo training includes
·         Safety training
·         Operator training
·         Technical/maintenance training
·         Machine process training
 Please contact your local representative for more information.