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Agitated scraper thin film eva

 Agitated scraper thin film evaporator
① Working principle:
The scraper film evaporator is one kind of high efficiency evaporating and distillation equipment, which makes use of high speed rotating to distribute the liquid into uniform film, and can also carry out deodorization, defoaming reaction, heating, cooling and other unit operations. This equipment adopts centrifugal sliding channel rotor, which is the latest structure evaporator in foreign countries at present. It can also form thin film in the case of small flow. The sludge in the treatment fluid attached to the inner wall surface of the evaporating section of the barrel can be quickly removed by the moving scraper.
② Main features:
Ø  High heat transfer coefficient, high evaporation capacity, evaporation strength can reach 200kg/m2 per hr, high thermal efficiency.
Ø  The heating time of materials is short, about 5 seconds to 10 seconds, and it works under vacuum conditions, which is more favorable for heat-sensitive materials, and keeps the various components without any decomposition to ensure product quality.
Ø  Adapt to the wide range of viscosity changes, high and low viscosity materials can be treated, and the material viscosity can be up to 100,000 CMP (CP)
Ø   Change the rotation direction of the scraper groove and adjust the operation time of the material in the evaporator.
Ø  The inner wall of the cylinder of the evaporation section has been carefully boring and polished, and the surface is not easy to cause coking and scaling.
Ø  Easy to operate and easy to adjust the product index. Under closed conditions, continuous production can be carried out automatically.
Ø  Small floor space, simple structure, convenient maintenance and easy cleaning.
Ø  Scope of use: suitable for Chinese and western pharmaceutical, food, light industry, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc.
③ Product features:
Ø   Low pressure drop is advantage of thin-film evaporator: a certain pressure difference is required to deliver the evaporated material from the heating surface to the specified condenser in the state of steam. In a typical evaporator, this pressure drop (inhalp) is generally high and sometimes unacceptably high. However, the gas in the film evaporator has a greater ability to cross space, and the pressure in the evaporator can be regarded as almost equal to the pressure in the condenser, and the pressure drop loss is small.
Ø  High vacuum and low evaporation temperature: due to the low pressure drop of the film evaporator, the evaporation process of the film evaporator can be carried out under the conditions of high vacuum degree and corresponding lower temperature. This feature is particularly suitable for low temperature evaporation of heat sensitive materials.
Ø  Self-cleaning heating surface: the film evaporator with scraper slides on the heating surface, so the liquid film is continuously stirred and updated, which can be successfully applied to the evaporation and distillation of materials that are likely to scale on the heating surface.
Ø  High overall heat transfer coefficient: since the liquid film thickness on the heating surface is one of the most important parameters to control the total heat transfer coefficient, the continuous contact of the wall scraper can be designed to be conveniently controlled.
Ø   Short material flowing time: a groove with a certain Angle on the end surface of the scraper pushes the material liquid downward continuously in a spiral shape on the heating surface and out of the heating surface. This method is used to minimize the residence time and eliminate thermal decomposition, polymerization or deterioration. The dwell time can be controlled by changing the rotor speed or the Angle on the scraper groove.
Ø  Strong adaptability and convenient operation: due to the prominent features of thin film evaporator, distillation is suitable for stable evaporation and heat sensitive materials. Therefore, the evaporation process of materials with high viscosity or materials with rapid increase in viscosity with increasing concentration can also be operated smoothly.
④ Technical Date:
Heating area
Machine height
Heater height
Separator height (mm) Down head height
Heater diameter
Jacket diameter
Motor power
0.5 2850 880 500 270 273 377 1.1
1 3500 1200 650 235 325 426 1.5
1.5 3750 1850 650 250 377 500 1.5
2 4350 2130 680 315 400 500 2.2
3 4650 3000 750 330 500 600 4
4 5500 3660 750 330 600 600 4
6 6700 3600 800 350 700 700 7.5
8 6700 3600 800 350 900 900 11
10 7200 4000 850 420 1000 1000 11
12 7950 4700 850 420 1000 1000 11
14 8500 4500 1000 580 1300 1300 15
20 10500 5600 2000 620 1500 1500 18.5