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Forced circulation evaporator

 Forced circulation evaporator
① Classification system
The forced circulation evaporator can be divided into single-effect forced circulation evaporator, double-effect forced circulation evaporator, triple -effect forced circulation evaporator, four-effect forced circulation evaporator and falling-film forced circulation evaporator.
② System composition
All efficiency heaters, all efficiency separators (crystallizer), condensers (mixed or surface type), hot pressure pumps, all efficiency forced circulation pumps, all efficiency feed pumps, vacuum pumps, condensing pumps, operating platforms, electrical control cabinets, level control system and valve pipelines, etc.
③ Product features
Ø  The material characteristics treated by this equipment have a wide range of adaptability. Mainly for the evaporation process easy to scale material, evaporation process crystal out of the material. With the increase of concentration, the viscosity of the material increases correspondingly, and the material with insoluble solids.
Ø  In the evaporation process, the material flows quickly in the tube through forced circulation, is heated evenly, has high heat transfer coefficient, and can prevent dry wall phenomenon.
Ø  The liquid is heated through the heater through the forced circulation pump, and the top comes out to enter the separator (crystallizer) in tangential form.
Ø  Material by vacuum evaporation crystallization at low temperature equipment, coupled with continuous front-rear, ensure the saturation of pure slurry continuous output, adopts the unique design of the mould, can satisfy the continuous feed, continuous discharge process requirement, crystallizer with forced circulation pump is the best fit, its internal structure makes the separation of liquid crystal and clear to get fast effective. .
Ø  The equipment has compact structure, small floor space, smooth layout, convenient operation and stable performance.
Ø   The equipment can be equipped with automatic control system to achieve automatic control of feeding, heating temperature and discharge concentration, as well as protection measures for crystallization materials in case of sudden power failure or failure, and other automatic control of safety and alarm.
Ø   The forced circulation evaporator is a kind of high efficiency energy saving enrichment equipment developed by wenzhou zhengzhan machinery co., LTD., which operates under the condition of vacuum and low temperature, and has the characteristics of fast flow rate of feed and liquid, fast evaporation, and easy scale formation. The heating chamber of the forced circulation evaporator has horizontal and vertical structures. The material circulation speed is adjusted by the frequency conversion of the forced circulation pump.
Ø  Forced circulation evaporator in order to avoid boiling products formed on the surface of the heating scaling or produce crystallization, the flow speed must be fast in the tube to prevent or reduce fouling of heat exchange tube scale generation, material flow velocity in the heat exchange tube should reach 1.5 2.0 M/s, when the circulating fluid through the heat exchanger is heated, then when the pressure in the separator to reduce part of the material liquid evaporation, forcing the liquid cooling to the boiling point temperature of should be under pressure. Due to the circulation pump, the operation of evaporator is basically independent of temperature difference, the recirculation speed of materials can be accurately adjusted, and the evaporation rate is set within a certain range. In the crystallization application, crystals can be separated from the circulating crystal mud by adjusting the circulation flow rate and adopting special crystallizer design.
④ Scope of application:
Suitable for sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ammonium glycoate, phenylalanine acid; Evaporation and crystallization of sodium nitrate, zinc sulfate, calcium chloride, ammonium sulfate, sodium hydroxide and other materials. And the high viscosity, high concentration of easy to scale material concentration, such as tomato sauce, jam, pulp fruit juice and high concentration of sugar solution processing concentration production, has been widely used in the country, the effect is better.
⑤ Technical Date
Model of machine Single effect Double effect Triple effect Four effect Five effect
Water evaporation capacity --T/ hr 0.1~2 0.5-4 1~15 8~40 10~60
Solution feeding concentration -- Brix / % These all depend on the different material
Solution discharge concentration --Brix / %
Steam Pressure --Mpa 0.5~0.8
Steam consumption --kg / hr 1.13 0.38~0.57 0.28~0.38 0.23~0.28 0.23
Evaporation temperature --℃  
Cooling water circulation using consumption --Tons
( Feeding temp . as 30 ℃ , discharge temp. As 38 ℃)
28 11 8 7 6