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Craft beer facilities

 Craft beer facilities
① Equipment introduction
Craft beer equipment, also known as miniature home-brewed beer equipment, home-brewed beer equipment. Its characteristic is: the concentrated type breweries, the scale is small, the flexibility is strong; Integration, modularization, automatic control, simple operation; The brewing process of beer is presented in front of consumers, namely brewing and drinking, satisfying consumers' curiosity. Applicable to large and medium-sized hotels, guesthouses, entertainment places. Its characteristic is: oneself brew sells the pure fresh high-grade whole wheat beer that has German royal flavour, satisfied consumer to hunt strange psychology not only, also with its luxurious air appearance but also improved hotel class. At the same time, its low investment, high returns, and investors earn high profits.
Miniature beer brewing equipment is an ideal choice for the guests to enjoy the beer produced by themselves in restaurants, restaurants, bars and other entertainment places. The appearance is exquisite and luxurious, covering a small area, which not only has extremely high ornamental value, but also enables the guests to directly see the whole process of beer production and appreciate the profound connotation of beer culture.
The characteristics of the craft beer equipment are as follows: brewing and drinking now, keeping the beer's natural freshness and nutrition to the maximum extent, rich in more than 17 amino acids, including 8 essential amino acids which cannot be synthesized by human body, and more than 11 vitamins, especially B vitamins which are rare in other food. In addition, the brewers can respectively prepare red, yellow, fruit and dark beer according to the different tastes of the customers, so as to meet the needs of consumers with different levels and tastes.
② Standard configuration of complete sets of equipment
Malt crusher, saccharification system, fermentation system, refrigeration system, water treatment system, cleaning equipment, control system, wine selling equipment and other supporting equipment.

③ Product features:
Ø  The equipment is made of fine copper or stainless steel, gorgeous and elegant.
Ø  It can make dark beer, yellow beer, red beer, fruit beer, gervas and other beer beverages.
Ø  Simple and flexible operation, low power consumption and small floor space.
Ø  Production environment is clean, pollution-free and the fragrance of wine is overflowing.
Ø  High degree of automation. Even non-brewing professional can produce excellent beer.
Ø  Small investment and large return, and the investment can be recovered within one year.

④ Equipment model
Product specifications range from 100L to 2000L daily output, common ones include NV-100l, NV-200l, NV-300l, NV-500l, NV-1000l, etc.

⑤ Equipment shows